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 The Midnight Mix With Alan Powell






Your Classic and 21 st century soul station Solar Radio

Download Show  31.12.2010


DJ Man-X, Vick Lavender & Shawnee
Taylor – Happy
Endings – Reelsoul Mix
M-Swift Ft Angela Johnson – Feel Inside (Jap Cd Sunshine Of Love)
Tom Ruijg – I Am Somebody (Bang Bang)
Steal Vybe – Passion (In Me) Ezel Mix (Steal Vybe Records)
TJ Cases Ft Yvonne & Low Deep – Fragile (Cut And Play)
Pat Bedeau & Steve Gurley Ft Chanel – Just Can’t Wait –
Vocal Mix (Strictly Music)
Hellenbach Ft Sylvia Simone – Chills (Soulgasm Music)
Doobie J & Rob Capewell Ft Ashley Stone – Black Heals (Mutated Music)
Park St Ft Natasha Watts – Addicted  (DCS Trax)
Nature Love – You Turn Me Around – Imaani Brown Honeymoon Mix (Smooth Agent)


Kim English – Treat Me Right – Jonny Montana Mix (Nervous)
Reel Soul Ft Daemon – Take Me To A Place (‘05 Recanstruction)
Rufuss – Obsidian Soul – Latin Tronik Orch Mix (’07 Qalomoto)
Jaime Woods – Weak – Maurice Joshua Mix (MJ Digital)
Mateo & Matos – Afro Experience – cd Essential Elements (Nite Grooves)
Loleatta Holloway – Dreamin’ – Accapella  (’03 Defected)
Lynn Lockerby – Torture – Accapella  (Ewonder Recs)
Hideo Kobayashi – You Changed The Way – Apt International Recs)
Lem Springsteen – New Beginning – Restless Soul Music)
Reel People – Sure – Frankie Feliciano Mix (Reel People cd-r)
Matthew Bandy – This Feeling – Vocal Mix (Papa)
Kiko Navarro Ft Concho Buika – The Perfect Place (Cd Ocho  Clubstar Recs)


Download Show  24.12.2010

Playlist….24.12.10 Part1

Elements Of Life – This Christmas (Vega recs)
Deep Djoe Ft Veronica Larrenne – Sing 4 U Everyday (Stalwart)

Marcelo Cruz-Kai Alce – Innersoul (Deepnsound)
Angus Campbell Ft Donna Hidalgo – I Believe – Rob Hayes Mix (SOTB)

Avi Elman & Danny J Ft Mani Hoffman – Love Is Not For Hire (So What)

Eddie Nicholas – You Left Me – Dario M Soulful Dub (Slaag)

Nature Love  - You Turn me Around – Montana & Stewart Mix (Smooth Agent)
Demarkus Lewis – Time To Go  (Forthcoming cd Mental Notes)

Steven Stone Ft Andrea Love – Just Can’t Stop – S. B Deepa Dub (Soul Deluxe)

Joyce Elaine Yuille – So 4 Real (Dario M Soulful Mix (Mix2Inside)


King Britt – Try Love – Jonny Montana Mix (Nervous)
Brever Bakchos With Max C – I Miss You (Ceremony)
Sean Dimitrie – Hopscotch (cdr)
Let There Be House – Accapella – John Aquaviva (White Label)
Gyant – Trust Yourself – Eddie Mucho Soul Vocal (Mentalinstrum)
Hossana Littlebird – Times Of Change – Temple Movement Mix
Benedetto & Farina Ft Sandy Spady – So Addictive – House Vocal (ANTHO recs)
Tom Conrad Ft Jaidene Veda – The One – Reelsoul Mix (Adaptation Music)
Aly-Us – Follow Me – Accapella
Simon Gray & David Storm – Signs (Ceremony)
Willy & Reloaded - Everybody Get Down - Vocal Mix (Bomba)
Asymmetric Ft Ella – Now Is Our Time (Adaptation Music)



Download Show  17.12.2010

Playlist….17.12.10 Part1

Kem – Can You Feel It – CJ Giovanni Mix (cd-r)

Black Coffee Ft Tsepo – Never Saw You Coming (Seasons ltd)

Roy McLaren – The Realms Of Music (Nocturnal Groove Digital)

Reelsoul – Spend My Life (Soul Channel)

B.O.P – Alive – Main Mix (B.O.P Recs)

Dawn Tallman – Don’t Let It Fall – Main Mix (Aqua Sol)

Andy Compton – As Sweet As Love – DJ Basil Mix  (Peng)

Redsoul Ft Nicole Mitchell – Call On Me – Accapella  (Playmore)

Phunk Farmers Music – Live, Life, Laugh – Montana & Stewart Mix (New Gen Recs)

Black Sauce Ft Selina Campbell – For The Love Of You

Cosmic Funk Ft Tanya Mitchell – Free Your Mind Diamondhouse)

Dolls Combers – Spring Corner – Main Jazz Mix (Sophisticado)

Hellenbach Ft Sylvia Simone – Chills – Original Mix (Soulgasm Music)

Mangesto Ft Aysha Roberts – Love Like This – Temple Movement Mix

Part2….Mid-Tempo Heaven Mix……..

Eric Benet Ft India Benet – Summer Love (cd-Lost In Time)

Deodato  - Rule My World (cd - The Crossing)

Sunshine Anderson – Call My Own (cd - The Sun Shines Again)

Al Olive – Beautiful Stranger  (cd - Dream)

Lew Kirton – What’s The Deal (cd - So Into You)

Soul Talk – I Want It  (cd - Soul Talk)

Frank McComb – V12  (cd - New Beginning)

Eugene Wilde – I Love Christmas (cd Christmas with Sedsoul)

Jimmy Sommers Ft Eric Benet – Stay A While


Download Show  10.12.2010



Heather Johnson – Who Knows – Jihad Muhammad Mix  (King St)

Koyla Ft Amalia – Angels Calling   (Bombay)

Demarkus Lewis – Again It Seems  (Forthcoming cd Mental Notes)

Davidson Ospina Ft MJ White – Well Of Love  (Ospina Digital)

Susu Bobien – I Got My Pride – New York Mix  (Diva Down Ent)

Reel People Ft Darien – Sure – Frankie Feliciano Mix  (Reel People)

Steal Vybe – How I Feel  (Unified)

Glenn Underground – Fusion Nostalgia  (Strictly Jaz Unit)

Sunburst Band – Rough Times – Sean McCabe remix  (Z Recs)

Montana & Stewart Ft Sofia Robina – I Need U Back – D-Reflection Mix


Llorca Ft LadyBird – My Precious Thing 

Shane Blitz & Miss I – Hopes & Dreams  (Blitz Recs)

SoulCreation – Cutros Lounge – Original Mix  (Deepa Grooves)

Willy & Reloaded – Heaven – Dario M’s Soulful Mix  (Bomba)

Steven Stone Ft Andrea Love – Just Can’t Stop – Original  (Soul Deluxe )

Razor & Guido Ft Tara Harrison – Without You Mr V SoleChannel Mix  (Nervous)

Adam Rios & Temple Movements – Temple Movements – Basil Mix  (Vega Recs)

House Pleasure Ft Orlando Johnson – Its Time To Get Together

DJ Reeplee Ft Kelly Renee – Do You Really Want Me  (Souvent)

Edmund Ft Mavis Acquah – Step Into The Light  (Raisani)

Arco Ft Ivan Myslikovjan – Higher – Sax Mix

Download Show  03.12.2010



Jose Carettas & Sabrina Chyld – Lets Escape – Original Mix (Son Liva)
Anita Baker – Whatever It Takes – KW Griff Underground Mix (Cd-R)
Glenn Underground – I Wish The Sun Would Come (Strictly Jaz Unit)
Nicky La Reese – Anyway – Pablo Martinez Mix  (SuCasa)
Michael Watford – For Your Love – Dolls Combers Mix (SMOW)
Distant People Ft Nickson – Great I Am – Hennings Proj & Rony Breaker Mix
Miguel Migs & Peven Everett – Love We Had – SoulmagicVocal (Salted Music)
John Crockett Ft Natalie – Your Gravity – Big Moses Mix  (Haus’Flor)
SoulAgenda Ft Tantra Zawardi & Dana Bird – Don’t Let It Go – Kafele Mix
Redsoul Ft Nicole Mitchell – Call On Me – Groove Assassin Classic Mix



Eternal Sunshine – Because Of You – Smooth Sardinia Mix (CD-R)
Pirahnahead Ft Yaminah  – I Do Love You – Third Ear Mix (Whasdat Music)
Jada Givenchy – Inspiration - Lem Springsteen Mix (Deep Sugar CD-R)
Lou Gorbea & Chris Perez Ft Nina – Babalu Aye Y Yemana (Vega recs)
Samba & Ronilo Ft Kajida Kam – More (Soul Heaven)
Timmy Regisford & Lynn Lockerby – In The Club – Organ Mix (Tribe)
Timmy Regisford & Lynn Lockerby – In The Club – Vocal Mix (Tribe)
B-Acye Ft Stephanie – Hold On – Original Mix (Duffnote)
Johnick Ft Krista – Open Up Your Eyes – Nassau Mix (Ghetto Freaks)
Montana & Stewart Ft Sofia Robina – I Need You Back – Dolls Combers Mix (Universe Media CD_R)
Alex Dimitri South Soul – My Jazz (Gotta Keep Faith)

Playlist…26.11.2010…..Soulful Jazzy House Mix !

Download Show  26.11.2010

Vick Lavender & Carla Prather & Sparrow - Art Of Conversation (Sophisticado)
John Oudo Ft Adeola Ranson & Ann Brown – Whats That Sound  - Full Friday Mix)
Enzyme Black – ME2U –Danny J Lewis New Jersey Scat Mix (Enzyme Black)
Vick Lavender Ft Nicole Mitchell – Get Right Down To It (Sophisticado)
Carlos Vargas – This Must Be Love – Eastside Piano Mix (Consortium Music)
Peven Everett – Can’t Believe I Loved Her - Accapella (King St)
Mint Condition – If You Love Me – Neter Supreme Re-Edit (cd-r)
Alias Rhythm Ft Sandy Spady – Something – Sofa King Good Mix(Strctly Rhythm)
Julius Papp Ft D’layna – Dame Mas 2010 – Vocal Mix (NeoDisco)
Terry Hunter Pres KJ Rose – Face Your Fears – TH Club Mix (Ts Box)
Anthony Nicholson Pres Avery R Young – Favourite Things (Circular Motion)

Part2 – Mid-Tempo Heaven Mix !

Herschel Boone – This One - ( cd To Be With You)
Wondertronix – Make You Happy  - (2010 Unique)
Trina Sharif Cuff – Its You  - ( cd Its You)
Melissa Untalon – I Live For You  - ( cd Who I Am)
Freddy Jackson– Say Yeah - ( cd 4 You (I Will)
John Stoddard – More Than You & Me - ( cd Faith Hope Love)
Coop D’ Ville – Play With Me - ( cd Can’t Give Up)
Shirley Jones – Lets Sway - ( cd Feels Like Heaven)
Ashante Munir – Easy Way About You  - ( cd Soul Of A Woman)
JD73 – Into The Night – Extended Mix - ( Z Recs)
Brandy – I Wanna Be Down – Ezel Mix
Rena Scott – Come Back Home - (cd Take Me Away)
Soul Talk – Lovin’ You - (Cd Soul Talk)
Walter Christopher – So Amazing – (cd Its All About Love)
Preston Glass Ft Keni Burke– Orange U Ready  (cd Colors Of Life)




Playlist..19.11.10 Part1

Download Show  19.11.2010

Jazzloungerz Ft Natasha Watts – Tell Me – Main Mix(Sweetleaf recs)
Kemetic Ft Terrence Downs – I Got Life – Spinna Galactica (Soul Mix)

Mowz – The Grooveman (Gotta Keep Faith)

Feat Lorena
– Try Me – Main Mix (SoulHeat )

& Farina Feat LT Brown – I’m So Greatful – CR Edit (Reelgroove)

Black Powder Ft Adeola Shyllon – One Chance – M.B Limestone(Tone Control)

DJ Man-X & Vick Lavender & Shawnee Taylor – Happy Endings (Sunset Nights Mix)

Amerie – Show Me – R.O. Rub –( Neter Supreme Re-Edit cd-r)

Suges – Do With You – Suges & Martino Mix (Soulstream)

DJ Fudge – (NightGlows)



Clown Dallas Feat. William Scott – Pyramids .N’Dinga Gaba Mix(Spirit Sounds)
SuSu Bobien – I Got My Pride – John Mateos New York Mix (Diva Down Ent )

Aston Martinez
& Marco Berto - Music 4 Da Soul (Push On Music )

TJ Cases – You Bring Me Joy (Cut House Promo)

Bill Summers – Brazilian Skies - Spinna And Ahmed Sirour Remix (BBE)

Steal Vybe
Feat Alexis Simmons – Is It Possible (Seasons Promo)

Edmund Ft Natasha Watts – Fantasy – House Device Classic Mix (Daddy Funk)
Doug Gray & GTO – Why Does Love – Justin Imperiale Mix (Soulstar)
Anita Baker – Good Love - ( Neter Supreme  Re-edit)
Tomo Inoue Ft Stephanie Cooke – Better – T.I. Original Mix (King St)


Playlist…12.11.2010 Part1

Download Show  12.11.2010

Heather Johnson – A Million Miles – A. Alvarez Mix (King St Promo)
Incognito – 1975 – Ski Oakenfull Mix (Dome cd-r)
The Rurals Ft Magic Soul – Its Hot In Africa(Peng Promo)
Tony Loreto Ft Donna Hildago – I’d Rather Be With You (Look At You Promo)
Chanan Hanspal – Footprints In The Sand (Here and Now Promo)
Park St Ft. Rainy Payne – EXRAY – Montana &Stewart Mix (Universe Media cd-r)
DJ Le Roi Ft Andrea Love – Let It Feel Good (MN2S Promo)
Redsoul & Rashaan Houston– You Inspire Me (Playmore)
Groove Assassin Ft Tantra Zawardi – Love Seeker (Gotta Keep Faith cd-r)
Michael Watford – For You Luv – Montana & Stewart Mix (cd-r)


Aphreme & Black Mamba – Bless The Rhythm (Octave Moods Promo)
Mark Grant Ft Swaylo – Relax (Blackstone Promo)
Heather Johnson – Who Knows – Jihad Piano Dub (King St)
Maurice Joshua Ft Andrea Love – More Love (MJ Digital)
Carlos Vargas Ft Stephanie Cooke – This Must Be Love(Consortium Music cd-r)
Temple Movement Ft Rich Medina– Rich Kids (Temple Movement)
Fresh 27 Ft Alec Sun Drae – Still Believe – BSC Mix (Kulu cd-r)
Jose Carretas Ft Sabrina Chyld – On Track (Son Liva Promo)
Monodeluxe Ft Diviniti – Never Stop (Vibe Boutique recs Promo)
Bernard Badie Ft Dajae – Truth Hurts – Montana & Stewart Mix (Smooth Agent cd-r)



Download Show  05.11.2010




Download Show  15.10.2010


Wipe The Needle Ft Eddie Stockley – Smile (Soundmen On Wax)
Clown Dallas  Ft Chappell – Strange Things (Consortium Music)
Interselector – The Piano Live – House Nation Mix
Mina Jackson – Feels So Good – Terry Hunter mix (Omni Music Solutions)
Groove Junkies Ft Diane Carter – Dr Feelgood – Meme Mix(MoreHouse)
Marc Evans – You Cant Hide From Yourself – MotherFunkas Mix(Code Red)
Usher – Can You Help Me – DFA Bootleg Mix (White)
Jephte Guillaume Ft Curtis Dayne – Make Me Wanna (Trippin)
Vick Lavender – Astronaut – Love For Soul Mix (Sophisticado)
Margaret Grace – Hope You Feel Better – Teddy Douglas Mix(Save Your Soul)
Third Party Ft Johan Greaves – Alright – Jazzy Mix (Mi Casa)
Mina Jackson – Pray – Born To Funk Mix (Omni Music Solutions)


Bashiyra - Don't Get In My Face (Soulpersona Raregroove Mix)
JD-73 - Be Mine (cd Pure Gold)
Jeff Hendrick - Saturday (cd Color Blind)
Helen Bruner & Terry Jones - Better ( cd Hollyhood)
Gerardo Frisina - Tata Somba (cd Join The Dance)
Shirley Jones Ft Jean Carne - Tell Me Whats Wrong (cd Soul Togetherness 2010)
Joy Rose - Summer Is Here
Kem - Can You Feel It ( cd Intimacy )
Ane - Learning To Love Myself
Jill Hamilton - Alter ( cd Back Home)
Jakori - Payn



Your Classic and 21 st century soul station Solar Radio

Download Show  08.10.2010



Rasmus Faber Ft Dyanna Fearon – Yes – The Realm Mix (FarplanePromo)
Hippie Torales Ft. Rosie Gaines – Never Quite The Same – BopClassic Mix (MN2S)
D3 – Blessing The Sun – Original Mix (Gotta Keep FaithPromo)
Groove Junkies Ft Alexander Sky – The White Light - GJs AfroMix (MoHo Cd-R)
Dave Allison – Trade Off (Kinjo Cd-R)
Kenny Bobien – Listen To Your Heart – Deep Roots Vocal (SoulHeaven)
Layabouts Ft Shea Soul – Perfectly  (Reel People cd-r)
Malik Alston – Badeya (Truth Manifest recs)
CLASSIC TRACK. Creative Source – Its So Good (93 White)
Sofy Encanto – Once Again – M Sol Mix (Sofitone Cd-R)


Sole Kitchen – From Your Soul – Original Mix (SeasonsLimited)
Astral 22 Ft LeNora Jaye – A Silent Prayer – Astral 22Rework (Cd-R)
Bliss – Life (From Abstract Latin Vibes Vol3 (Nite Grooves)
Ray Jones Ft Heidi Vogel – In The Dark – NightRhymes Mix(Solid Ground Promo)
TnT Ft Donald Sheffey – Respect Me (Reelgroove CD-R)
South Crew Ft Joe Adams – Your Love Is So Sweet – Toto FeelsMix (Vialocal Promo)
DJEFF & Silyvi Mili – Nawe – Libation Mix (SoulgasmCd-R)
Pete Doyle Vs Payton – Joy – House Device Classic Mix (DaddyFunk Promo)
Pamela Stanley – Bank Of Love – Gene Leone Piano Mix (WhiteCd-R)
Soul Child Ft Swaylo – Hopelessly – Hallex M Mix (UnitedMusic Promo)


Your Classic and 21 st century soul station Solar Radio

Download Show  01.10.2010


Andy Tamashi & Wendy Lewis – Feel The Sunshine - OriginalMix (Consortium Music Promo)
Tomson Ft Paul Randolph – Joy, Vibration – Vocal Mix(Deepermotions Promo)
Vick Lavender & Nicole Mitchell – Music Is Life – Dub(Sophisticado promo)
Maison D’Ame – What Is This Thing – Montana & Stewart Mix (Illegal CargoCD-R)
Ananda Project – Ft Terrance Downs – Hang On – Feliciano Mix(Nitegrooves Promo)
Hallex M Ft Little Bird – Stirring Me Up (United Musicpromo)
Galaxy Group – Ease Back – BSC Mix (LoveSlap)
Andrea Carissimi Ft Kaysee – Salvation – AC Soul Mix(Just4Funk Promo)
Groove Junkies Ft Joi Cardwell – Whats Freedom – GjsClassicVox (MoreHouse CD-R)
Incognito – Lowdown – Ski Oakenfull Mix (Dome CD-R)


Eddy Meets Yannah – This Is Love – Bopstar Mix (Compost)
Justin Imperiale Ft Diviniti – Heal The World – MovementSoul Mix (Cabana Promo)
Bradford James – Hang Over Easy
DJ Oji & Una – We Lift Our Hands In The Sanctuary – 95North Mix (Poji Promo)
Seb Skalski Ft Barry Solone – Better Way – Club Mix (Purple MusicPromo)
CLASSIC TRACK Jody Watley – I Love To Love – MAW Mix (2000Test Pressing)
DJ Roland Clark – Tambor Love – Buddist Remix (Delete GlobalCD-R)
Leroy Styles – Past Tense – AfroSoul treatment Mix (AfrazooPromo)
Pevin Everett – I Need You – Timmy & Adam Mix (TribePromo)
Aphreme & JSOUL – Take Your Heart – JustinImperiale

Your Classic and 21 st century soul station Solar Radio
Download Show  24.09.2010



Black Coffee Ft Thiwe – Crazy – Zepherin Saint Mix (Foliage)
Julius Papp Ft Lisa Shaw – Way Back – Doruk Ozlun Mix(neoDisco)
Yogi & Husky – Just Bounce – Original (Random Soul)
Anthony Nicholson & Chris Robb – Everyday – Miquifaye Mix (Circular Motion)  
Khanya Balini Ft. Khanyisa – Again – Paris Cesvette Mix (Soul Sun Soul Music)
Gene King Pres. Jacen Duncan – I Am – G Spice 95 Mix (Do It Now)
Wipe The Needle – Nothing But Good News, JMontana & CStewart Mix (SMOW Cd-R)
Maddslinky Ft Omar – Special – Atjazz Mix (Tru Thoughts)
Lil Louis – Club Lonely (White)
Astrid Suryanto – Flexxx – (InHouse)
Doruk Oslun Ft Racquel Dwyer – I Love You – Original (Gotsoul)
Vision Questa – Hold My Heart 6Six Vocal (Nite Grooves)


Part2…..Mid Tempo Soul

Agape Love – Tell Me Where It Hurts (Promo)
Will Downing – Glad I Met You Tonight (cd Love Lust & Lies)
Will Downing – Get To Know You (cd Love Lust & Lies)
Izzy Dunn – Nothing But Love (Promo)
Lino Kazz – My Life Iz On You (cd SoulUnsigned…Urban Soul Coll Promo)
Skip Martin – When (cd Formal Dining)
Ty Causey – Recognise (cd Down To Earth)
Oli Silk – Didn’t Know Bout Love (cd All We Need)
Philly Fusion Project – Warrens Groove (cd Pure)
Jeanette Harris – You Can Dance (cd Saxified)
Mike Phillips – Come Inside With Me (cd MP3)
Lynn Fiddmont – All The Way


Your Classic and 21 st century soul station Solar Radio

Download Show  17.09.2010

Playlist…17.09.2010. Part1

Culture N Soul Ft Mthandazo – Revelation (659 Recs Promo)
Mellow Madness – Now Your Calling – Spinna Mix (Yoruba recsPromo)
Jamie Thinnes – My Dreams – Sole Kitchen Mix (Seasons Limited)
Muzzaik Vs Donald Sheffey – Step Into The Light (MidnightMix 1 Off)
Dutchican Soul Ft.Andrea Love – Back In The Day – D-Reflection Mix (Panevino Music)
Jihad Muhammad & Chris IDH – Bailo (Movement Soul Promo)
Mazi & Ron Carroll – My Desire (??)
M-Swift – Swiftest – Yukihiro Fukitomi Mix (Jazzmin)
DJ Pope Ft Adrian Blu – A Change Is Gonna Come – 95 NorthMix (Poji)
Leroy Burgess – It’s the Weekend – Ron Hardt Mix (Sedsoul)


3rd Ministry Of Faith Ft KT Brooks – Joy To The World
Hippie Torales – Wastelands – Harold Heath Mix (UniverseMedia promo)
Jill Scott – Spring Summer Feeling – Ron Trent Mix (cd-r)
DeepCitySoul Ft Rainy Payne – Remember Me (Sole ChannelPromo)
Hippie Torales Ft Babyface Jay – Save The Last Dance(Universe Media Promo)
Arnold Jarvis & Hugo Ferreira – Want 2 have Your Love – RadioWaves Mix (cd-r)
Melychor A – The Preacher (Poji Promo)
Vick Lavender – Vida’s Muse (Sophisticado promo)
Temple Movement Ft Queen Aminah – All Night (Temple Movement Promo)
Dino & Terry Ft Alana – Think Of You – Larry Heard Mix


Your Classic and 21 st century soul station Solar Radio

Download Show Part1  10.09.2010

Part1 .........10.09.2010


Mr Cee Ft Octavia Rachabane – Pressure Pt2 – Avi Elaman Mix(Abicah Soul
Dj Spen & The Muthafunkaz – Reason To Love (Code Red)
MdCL Ft Sy Smith – Truth – Bertrand Dupart Full Of Soul Mix(Strictly Rhythm)
Alexi Shelby – Do You Remember The Peak Time (Superb)
LoftSoul Ft Lisa Millet – Dear Friend – Spinna Mix (Loftsoul recs)
Marty Thomas – Thank You – Ian Friday Tea Party Mix (CD-R)
Knee Deep & Brook Russel – Wont Let You Go (04 Knee Deep recs)
Caravan Ft Arif St Michael – The Promise – Eric kupper Mix (Phase Deux)
Tension – A Place Called Heaven (93 Azuli)
Mondo Grosso – Star Suite (01 King St)


Download Show Part2  10.09.2010



Orienta Rhythm Ft Lonnie Gordon – Falling In & Out Of Love (Am Recordings)
Roland Clark & Urban Soul – My Urban Soul – Mr V 2010 (King St)
Dave Allison – Trade Off (Kinjo)
Fuminori Kagajo Ft Adoela Ranson – Piece Of Heaven – Sean McCabe Mix (King St)
Fabio Genito – Papawende – Anthony Nicholson JazzFusion Mix (Deeper Shades)
Distant People Ft Tasia D’Mour – Your So Special D-Reflection Mix (Adaptation Music)
Mone – Movin – Jazz n Groove Mix (94 Am-Pm)
Matan Caspi Ft Marcus Pearson – Simply Beautiful (Open Bar)


Your Classic and 21 st century soul station Solar Radio

Download Show 03.09.2010


Elements Of Life Ft Lisa Fischer – Love Will Know - Sunrise Ritual Mix (Vega)
Push & Do Ft Casary – Embrace My Faith – J Montana C Stewart Mix(Distar)
Wayne Gardiner Ft Jahzara – Always In My Dreams (CIMA)
Frankie Feliciano – The Real Thing – Recanstruction Mix
Steal Vybe & Darryl D’Bonneau – Diamonds (Steal Vybe)
Angel A – Yellow Lounge (Liberate)
Junior White & Noelle – Can’t Keep It Up (Soulshine)
Rasmus Faber – Get Over Here – Miami Remastered Edit (Farplane)
Muzzaik Ft Zaida – Work It – N’Dinga Gaba Remix (Dublife)
Kings Of Groove Ft Michelle Weeks – A Purpose – D Clark J Benham Mix Kings Of Groove)
Anthony Nicholson & Chester Gregory – Spaceship (Circular Motion)
Black Sauce – Abigail (SoulFree Recs)


Ty Causey – Rocket To The Moon (cd Down To Earth)
Kem – Can You Feel It (cd Intimacy III)
Dorian Wright – Feel So High (cd Mind Full Of Music)
Girardo Frisina – Joy/Shout (cd Join The Dance)
Matt Bianco – Half A Minute (Joey Negro Mix)
Paul Hardcastle – Cant Get By (cd Jazzmasters VI)
Seductive Souls – Is This Love (cd Spirit)
Jeff Hendrick – Back To The Days (cd Color Blind)
ReNeda – Rest Of My Life (cd Contemporary Soul Songbook3)
Dionne – Lucky (cd Unrealistic)
Phil Davis – Jordan(cd Jordan)
Kem – Your On My Mind – (cd Intimacy III)


Your Classic and 21 st century soul station Solar Radio


Download Show 27.08.2010



JoshMilan Ft. ChinahBlac – Till You Go Home (Honeycomb)
Don Carlos Ft Kevin Bryant – I Can Love Nobody – Soul &Devotion Mix (08 Irma)
GOFFunk – Ft James Junior – Different Kinda Man – HouseDevice Mix (DaddyFunk)
M-Swift Pres 24 Carat – Café Bahia  - Mad Sax & Oless T Remix (Jazzmin)
House Bros Ft Darren Ellison – Let The Music Take You –DeepCitySoul Mix (Distar)
Fabio Rovere & Jordan Dee – A Friend – Original Mix (Soulshine)
Uptown Express – Not Much Heaven (97 Azuli Recs)
Louis Benedetti Ft Sy Smith – I’m Glad That Your Gone (Soulshine)
Raw Artistic Soul – Beautiful – RAS Mix (Futureaudio)
Venger Coll. & Dolls Combers – Brother – Jonny Montana & CraigStewart Mix(Sophisticado)



                     Starting From Scratch &De La Venger – Ribbon In The Sky
Clown Dallas pres. Dunyiswa Mbande – Strange Things  DJ Hypnosis Mix(Consortium)
Maxwell – Bad Habits – Mark Alston Mix
Inaya Day & Ralf Gum – Lose My Worries – Ralf Gum Mix(GoGo)
Promonova Feat. Donald Sheffey – Step Into Your Light
Jazzloungerz Ft. Johanna Olarte – Amor – J Montana & CStewart Mix (Seamless)
Joi Cardwell – Give It Up – (07 Plane Jane cd)
Wipe The Needle Ft Lifford Shillingford – Love Will Find A Way (Soundmen On Wax)
Tone Control Ft James B Coleman – Without Your Love(ToneControl)
Anthony Nicholson – Special
Bluelle - We Are Africa




Your Classic and 21 st century soul station Solar Radio

Download Show 20.08.2010 Part1



H Garden & Joi – Gentle Rain – Sacred Rhythm Mix (CD-R)
Richard Earnshaw Ft Erik Dillard & Roy Ayres– In Time –Grant Nelson Mix (Grooverider CD-R)
Erycah Badu – Window Seat – Guy Robin Mix (CD-R)
DUBrazil – Its Gonna Be Alright – Samba Disco Mix (
DJ Groove
PresSoulpreachers ft. Nicole Mitchell - Summer Dreams (Look At You)
Myra- Come To Me (Ricanstruction Vocal Mix) (09 King St)
Aphreme & J.S.O.U.L. - Take Your Heart (SeasonsLimited)
Yvette Rovira – I Remember Love (DJ Spinna Galactic Soul Mix(CD-R)
BSC & Jay Tripwire feat Rosa Morena Russa - TheFeelings (Conya)
Hippie Torales & George Mena – Wastelands (UniverseMedia)
Gero – If Not Heaven (Dublife)


Download Show 20.08.2010 Part2

Part2 – Soul & Boogie Mix!

Surface – Who Loves You (86 Columbia recs)
Krystol – After The Dance (85 Epic recs)
Casual T – All Out Of Breath (??)
Projection – Love Struck (87 Atlantic recs)
Royal Delight – Freak For You (83 Sweat)
Lamont Dozier – Shout About It (81 M&M Recs)
Champaign– Can You Find The Time (81 CBS)
TC Curtis – Should Have Known Better (85 Hot Melt recs)
Gayle Adams – Love Fever (81 Prelude Recs)
Advance – Take It To The Top (87 Champion Recs)
Wadz Ft Leon Beal – We Can Make It (2010 Contemporary SoulSongbook3)
Sun Singleton – Moment (Atjazz Mix) 2010
Ebony Evans – Dance My Love With You (2010 ContemporarySongbook3)





Your Classic and 21 st century soul station Solar Radio

Download Show 13.08.2010


Jay-Jwith Big Brooklyn Red - IntoThe Light (Shifted Music)

Melychor A – To Carry On – Hmida Jazz Mix (Razana Prod)

SantosFt Joseff Saddler – Love Made For Two – Alix Alvarez Mix (Yoruba)Glenn
Underground - Fuego De Sangre (Superb)

Soulmagic & Ebony Soul feat. Ann Nesby - Get Your ThingTogether (Purple Music)

MrNugget featuring Natasha Watts – Gameplayer (Sounds Of The Booth)

DistantPeople feat. Hannah K. - RhythmOf My Love (Diamondhouse)Beaten
Soul feat. Dawn Tallman - ItStarts With Us (MN2S)
DJ Jogador – Closer – Matt Early Mix (Mint Crush Music)

Hardrive – Deep Inside – Reelsoul Rework (CD-R)

DoobieJ ft Yvonne Yanney – Sunshine (Daddy Funk)

N'DingaGaba feat. Sahffi – Summer Breeze - Foliage Records)

Jinadu – Turning The Tide – Jimpster Remix ( Bitches Brew)

AidTo The Soulless Featuring Jon Pierce – Ill Do - Jason.B Mix (United Music Records)

DJRoland Clark – Light Of Day – Voodoo Soul Mix (Delete Global Records)


Richard Earnshaw GuestMix!






Your Classic and 21 st century soul station Solar Radio

Download Show 06.08.2010


Leroy Burgess – It’s the Weekend – J. Montana & C. Stewart Remix (Sedsoul)
Matthew Bandy Feat. Venus Cruz – Time Me – Original Mix (Soul Heaven)
Interselector - Caribbean Stardust (Am Recordings )
Kocho feat. Chloe West – Your Love – Original Mix (SHE Recordings)
Moses McClean feat. Rob Black – Don’t Stop (Emerge)
Phyre Hawkins - Think About You (SOLE Channel)
Aaron Ross feat. Sterling Ensemble – TALIA (Restless Soul Music)
Stephanie Cooke – Sweetest Thing - Ezel Soul On The Floor Mix (King Street)
Al Olive – Beautiful Stranger - Vick Lavender All Soul Vocal Mix (Sophisticado)

Caju feat. Gaby - Ainda Um Son Original Mix (Beat Sonica recs)
Marco Fedez and Dani Sandoval ft Laura Estrada - Addicted 2 Soul (Backhammer Soul )
Ch'i featuring Billie Godfrey - Mistaken - Alix Alvarez Remix (Bitches Brew)
Ray Paxon feat. Marcia - Life Is Precious - Main Mix (Purple Music)
Joe Dipadova – Consciousness - Matthew Bandy's Limestone Vocal Mix (Deeper Shades)
Duce Martinez featuring Kenny Bobien – Don’t Be Afraid - Libation Mix (Tribe)
Duce Martinez featuring Kenny Bobien – Don’t Be Afraid – Final Mix (Tribe)
John Oudo - feat Nicole Mitchell – Satisfied - Soul Vocal Mix (Bigspin Music)
Soul Cola – In Luv – Original Mix (DragonFruit Music)
Carolyn Victorian – Tears - Carlos Vargas Alternative Soul Mix (Consortium Muzik)
CLASSIC TRACK…Groove Box – The More You Want (96 Nite Grooves)
Nick Holder ft. Lee anne King - Desires Of The Heart (DNH)
Black Sauce - Abigail - Soul Free Records)



Your Classic and 21 st century soul station Solar Radio

Download Show 30.07.2010


Yah Sharif - feat. Amera Light and Allen Won - Shakin Up Your Soul (Messengers of House)
Black Coffee Ft Thiwe – Crazy (Foliage Records)
Galaxy Group - Afrodiziak (Loveslap)
Dave Storm - & Ricky Inch feat. Brian Lucas - I Don't Know (Ceremony)
CLASSIC TRACK…Groove Committee – I Want You To Know (91 Nu Groove)
Dolls Combers and Dance4Daddy - Make It Happen (Dance4Daddy Records)
Raffa Scoccia – Chega Mais
Hippie Torrales & George Mena Pres. Robin Reed – Wastelands (J Montana & C Stewart Remix (Universal Media CDR)
Black Sonix Ft Krista – Funeral
Michael Canitrot – Desire – Richard Earnshaw Classic Mix (Defected)

Andy Compton – Ft Rowan - Reach For You (Peng)
jOHNNYDANGEROUs - How Deep (I Can't Handle It) (Groove Assassin Classic Remix (Nite Grooves)
Julius Papp - Astral Wave (2010 Jazz Remix (NeoDisco)
Dealers Choice Ft. Azeem – Natural Love
Michelle McCain – All I Can Do – BSC mix (Marivent CDR)
Dwele – I Think I Love You – (Ezel Mix)
CLASSIC TRACK…Rhythm Section Ft. Wanda Nash – Never Too Much Love (95 King St)
Steven Stone & Anthony Moriah – Lay Your Hands
Bah Samba Ft. Roy Ayres – Positive Vibe - Andy Ward Mix (Favouritizm)


Your Classic and 21 st century soul station Solar Radio

Download Show 23.07.2010
Playlist…23.7.10Part1. Soulful Jazzy House Mix!

Pad Beryll Ft Andrea Love – Under Your Spell – SoulDynamic Mix (Reelgroove)
Groove Assassin ft Mina Jackson – Feel Good Muzik (Seamless)
Alankara & Jazzy D - Higher Love (Gotta Keep Faith Recs)
Trans of Life – Delight Earth – TOL Mix (King Street Recs)
Nicole Mitchell - Need to Know - Vick Lavender's Sophisticado Full Vocal Demo Mix
Raffa Scoccia – Jump (Fizzy Wine)
Aaron Carl, G. Mitchell of Los Hermanos – Oasis – G Mitchell Mix (Superb)
Aly-Us – Follow Me – Accapella (92 Strictly Rhythm)
Funkemotion & Jackie feat. Rona Ray – Syberia (Sweetleaf Recordings)
Dj Gregory – Elle – Louie Vega Mix (04 Defected)
Incognito Ft Tony Momrelle – Put a Little Love In Your Heart (Album Sampler)
Jaidene Veda – Who Knew (cd Pisces Pendulum)
Mr Cee - Pressure E.P - Original Blackwhole Mix (Abicah Soul)

Mid-Tempo Heaven Mix!

Deborah Bell – Close Your Eyes (2010 ep Precious Love)
Brian Culbertson Ft Kenny Latimore – Another Love (2010 cd X11)
MonoDeluxe Ft Jannae Jordon – Time (2010 Original Mix)
Towa Tei – Luv Connection ( 95 Japanese cd)
Cheryl Lynn – If You Were Mine (87 Manhattan recs)
Brian Culbertson Ft Brian McKnight – Out On The Floor (2010 cd X11)
Philly Fusion Project – Bump (2010 cd Pure)
Brand New Heavies – Never Stop - Jazzy Mix (91 Delicious Vinyl)
Carmichael – That’s My Song (2010 cd Fantasy Rain)
Los Charlys Orchestra – Funk Flow (2010 cd Chicano Disco Funk)
Kenny Burke – All Night (1982 LP Changes)


Your Classic and 21 st century soul station Solar Radio

Download Show 16.07.2010



Monday Michiru – Sands Of Time – Soulfeenix Mix (Xtrasolar recs)
Alton Miller - Feat Abacus - Ever Wonder [Unreleased Mix] Mixed Signals Music Summer Sampler 2010
Al Olive – Slow Down - Vick Lavender's Sophisticado Master Soul Vocal Mix
Haldo Vs. Max Marinacci – Soul Inspired (Proceed)
Neo – Smile - cd Welcome To The Boom Boom Room – (TriCircle Soul)
Havana Culture Club – Roforofo Fight (Louie Vega Remix)
D-Reflection Ft Christa – Wave Of Love – Ralf Gum Mix (Adaption Music)
C9nine – My Story – J. Montana Mix (?)
Paris Cesvette & Dayve Stewart – Go The Distance – DeepCitySoul Mix (Abicah Soul)


Dennis Ferrer – Touch The Sky – Tot Lair King Mix (King St)
Mass Destruction FT Byron Stingly – No More Mind Games
DJ Hypnosis Ft Nickson – I Believe I Can – Glenn Fiasco Mix (MoFunk Records)
Chris Perez & Louie Gorbea feat. Queen AaMinah - Somethings Gotta Give -Original Mix (Nite Grooves)
Haldo – Moody (09 Proceed)
IllVibe Collective feat. Lady Alma - What They Say (LuvBug)
DjPope feat. Adrian Blue & Una - Can U Feel It (Poji)
Reel People feat. Tony Momrelle – It Will Be - Kyoto Jazz Massive Remix
Haldo – The Latin Dream – Samba Mix
Café Soul Allstars – Urban Jungle – Blaze/Ian Friday Mix (05 SuSu


Your Classic and 21 st century soul station Solar Radio

Download Show 09.07.2010

Justin Imperiale Ft Diviniti – Love Can Heal The World – J. Montana & C. Stewart mix (Cabana)
Reelsoul ft Kyla – For The Love Of You (MN2S)
Heather Johnson – Million Miles – Alix Alvarez Mix (King St)
Marlon D – UC Anthem – TLMK Deep Mix (Underground Collective)
Yass – Losing Control (Defected)
Weysa Dya – The Dream – Vick Lavender Mix (Cyberjamz)
Dolls Combers – Last Tango In Paris (Sophisticado)
Justin Michael & Dave Mayer Feat. Maiya – Lost In The Music (Salted)
South Crew Feat. Diviniti – Now I Know (Vialocal)
Loftsoul Ft Lisa Millett – Dear Friend (?)
Nassau Ft Leon Beal - Music Makes Me Feel Good (Ghetto Freaks)
Raffa Scoccia – Katida (Fizzy Wine)
Pad Beryl Ft Andrea Love – Under Your Spell – J.Montana & C. Stewart Mix (ReelGroove)

Part2 – Mid-Tempo Heaven Mix!

Virtual Jazz Band – A Different Kind Of Heat (cd The Jazz Club 2006)
Jeff Lorber Fusion – Wanna Fly (cd Now Is The Time 2010)
Low-D – You Bring The Change (cd You Bring The Change 2009)
George Duke – A Melody (cd Déjà-Vu 2010)
The Temptations – One Of A Kind Lady (cd Still Here 2010)
Russoul – You Lift Me Up (cd People Need Love 2010)
Bobby Lee – Daybreak (cd Indeed Soulful 2010)
Jeff Tyzik – Sweet Nothings
Blue Six – You Used To Rock (cd Noesis 2010)
Carmen Rogers – Tell Your Story (EP The Bitter Suite 2010)
Lynette Love – Trust Me (cd Single)


Your Classic and 21 st century soul station Solar Radio

Download Show 02.07.2010


Playlist……2.7.10 Part1
Stacey Mallory Ft DC Washington – People Of The World. 280 West Mix(03 Phuture So
Maxwell – Sumthin Sumthin – Karizma Re-Edit
Clemens Rumpf & David A Tobin – No Words To Say (Reelgroove)
3 Amigos Ft Denvil - See What I See – Scott Wozniak Mix (Jellybean Soul)
Scott Wozniak Ft Ali Worth – Wake Up My Life (03 Distant Music)
Dance 4 Daddy Ft Jacy Mai – Another Day – Dolls Combers Roots Mix (D4D recs)
Mustafa Ft Sunlightsquare – Feel The Real (Staff Prods)
DJ Le Roi & Ray Jones Ft Pierre Picarde – Get Up - J.Montana & C.Stewart Mix (DeepDown)
CLASSIC TRACK: Mone – We Can Make It (94 Strictly Rhythm )
Glenn Underground – Afro Gente (Superb)

Heather Johnson – Jazz (Sunday Morning)– Steal Vybe Mix (King St)
Richard Earnshaw Ft Erik Dillard & Roy Ayres – In Time (Album Sampler)
Leroy Styles – Past Tense (Afrozoo)
Stephanie Cooke – Rain – Dennis Ferrer Mix (02 King St)
Raw Artistic Soul Ft Ursula Rucker – The Light (07 Gogo)
Junior White DJ Ft Noelle – Only In My Mind (Next Dimension)
D Flower – Juicy Juice (Open Bar)
Castlebed Ft Durand Ross – I Can Go Bad (Sounds Of The Booth)
Stacey Mallory – Love Power (04 Bumpin City)


Your Classic and 21 st century soul station Solar Radio

Download Show 25.06.2010 Part1


Playlist…..25.6.10 Part1
Heather Johnson – Life Is Beautiful - Ananda Project Mix (King St Promo Sampler)
Richard Earnshaw Ft Kenny Thomas – Waiting (In Time Album Sampler Promo)
Dolls Combers – Loving You (Sophisticado Promo)
Donn-T – Look At (More About Music)
Steal Vybe – Passion – Ezel Mix (Nite Grooves Promo)
GU & Loftsoul – Sakura – Gus Stage 73 Mix (R2 Promo)
Raffa Scoccia – Chega Mais – Rubens Mancias Heartbeat Mix (Fizzy Wine Promo)
Marlon D Ft Stephanie Renee – Love Is Key (05 Jellybean Soul)
DJ Le Roi & Lady Bird – So Astounded – Halo & Atjazz Dub (Foliage Recs)
Marlon D – Harlem Jazz – Accapella (Oldie)
Milty Evans – Purple Swirls – SoulKiss Mix (Whitebread Recs)

Download Show 25.06.2010 Part2
Aaminah – Rhythm Of Life – Sharheed Mos Vocal (Movement Soul Promo)
The Squeeze - Got To Move On - Original Mix (Soul Shift Music)
DJN Project - & Nef Nunez Feat. Joell Ortiz – Be With Me (SOLE Channel)
Richard Earnshaw Ft Jocelyn Brown – Worthy (In Time Album Sampler Promo)
Steal Vybe and Leslie Carter – I Got You (Steal Vybe Promo)
Michelle McCain – All I Can Do (Marivent Music Int Promo)
Donald Sheffey Vs Dolls Combers – Show Me Some Love (Midnight Mix Mash Up)
Jannae Jordan – ME – Jonny Montana Mix (Consortium Music Promo)
Junior White - & Nina Creese – Something In The Air – Tony Loreto Mix ( Next Dimention Promo)
CLASSIC TRACK..Butch Quick – Under Pressure ( 93 Strictly Rhythm)


Your Classic and 21 st century soul station Solar Radio

Download Show 18.06.2010

Playlist…..18.6.10. Soulful Jazzy House Mix!

Jamie Lewis & Michael Watford – Its On Your Face (Flashback album Sampler)
Doobie J & Diane Waite – Release Yourself (Daddy Funk Promo)
Baby Face Jay Ft Elrae – Lunar Eyes – Jonny Montana & Craig Stewart Mix (Universal Media CDR)
Jamie Lewis & Lisa Millet & Tanja Dankner – Believe (Flashback album Sampler Promo)
Dj Reeplee Ft Miles Sherman – Get Loose (Souvent Promo)
El Prevost – Choose You (Stalwart Promo)
DJ Wady – Mozambu – Jonny Fiasco Mix (Grouper Recordings)
Sakura & Co Ft. Sharon Brown Adams – Rejoice – McCabe Dub (King St Promo)
DJoon Exp Ft Kenny Bobien – Old Landmark – Manoo Mix (Cheers Promo)
Clemens Rumpf & David A Tobin – I Will Be Lifted (Reelgroove Promo)
Phil Asher Ft Kayenne – Someone (Restless Soul Promo)
Kay Suzuki – Move On (Ezel Mix)
Wil Milton & Rodney Carter – LickQuid Life – Jose Carettas Mix (Blak Ink Promo)

Mid-Tempo Heaven Mix

Forest Wayne – Just Because (98 White Label)
Duane Williams – Yes, My Love Is Real (2010 SoulUnsigned)
Jonathan Butler – Factual (2010 So Strong cd)
TourDe4Force – Little Things (09 cd)
Danny Boy – Blow Your Mind Away (2010 cd)
Full Blast – Stars In Your Eyes (2010 cd)
Leonie Parker – Fool For Your Love (2010 Soul & Heal cd SoulChoonz)
Cornell Stone – Fairy Tale (2010 SoulUnsigned)
Joyo Velarde – You Got Me In The Mood (2010 Love & Understanding cd)
Donald Sheffey – My Heart (09 See You Tonite cd Soulchoonz)


Your Classic and 21 st century soul station Solar Radio

Download Show 04.06.2010-Part1

Playlist…..4.6.10.Part1 Soulful Jazzy House Mix!

Altered Natives Ft. Sacha Williamson – Believe In Me (Fresh Minute Music)
Dom Navarra Ft Monique Henry & Nathan Clifford– Bye Bye Love
Monday Michiru – Epiphany – Soulfeenix Remix) XtraSolar Recs) (CDR)
E-Tones – Ooh La La – Jonny Fiasco Mix (Klassic Fiasco)
Robert Owens – Deep Down – SoulDynamic Back To Roots Mix (Underground Coll)
Lee Trisrum – Rhythm Is Love (Got House Traxx)
Roger Sanchez – You Cant Change Me (Accapella)
Marlon D Ft Joi Cardwell – Imperfect (07 Underground Coll)
Stereo Mutants Ft Neve – Turning Around – Original (Duffnote)
Deep Keys Ft. Andrea Love - The Best Of Me (Panevino Music)
James Blakstar John - feat. Deon Nathan – Smile (Whasdat Music)
Lenny Fontana Pres Eastside Movement – Inner City

Download Show 04.06.2010-Part2
80s Uptempo Groovy Soulmix!
Phyllis Hyman – You Know How Yo Love Me (79 Arista)
Glenn Jones – I Am Somebody (82 RCA)
Colors – Am I Gonna Be The One (83 First Take recs)
Barbara Roy – If You Want Me (86 Rams Horn)
Ingram – I Like It (84 Mirage)
BB&Q Band Ft.Curtis Hairston – On The Shelf (86 Electra)
Dayton - Meet The Man (82 Liberty recs)
Donna Allen – Joy & Pain (88 BCM recs)
Surface – Stop Holding Back (83 Salsoul recs)
Renee Aldrich – Just Began To Love You (87 Jam Packed recs)
Circle City Band – Magic (83 Circle City recs)
Shawne Jackson – Loveline (83 Loose End recs


Your Classic and 21 st century soul station Solar Radio

Download Show 28.05.2010


Playlist…..28.5.10 Part1
Cool Million Ft. Melissa Morgan – Sweet Baby – J. Montana & C. Stewart Remix (CDR)
Ferry Ultra Ft. Ann Sexton – Rising Up (Peppermint Jam)
Random Soul & Vincent Kwok – Don’t Tell Me Its Over (Eight Fifteen Recs)
Thomas De Lorenzo & Natasia Watts – Nite Time (Reelgroove)
Groove Junkies – Unified (MoreHouse)
Giano – Stella In The Starlight (Alphabet Music)
DJ Hypnosis Ft Aubrey – Heaven Is So Real (MoFunk)
Mena Keys & Frankie Estevez – G Plays It Cool (06 Fuzion)
SEL – Necessary
Alix Alvarez & Arnold Jarvis – Take Good Care (06 SoleChannel)
Fonda Rae – Over Like A Fat Rat – Accapella
Dalminjo – Everytime You Go

Quentin Harris ft. Giorga Cee – Don’t You Worry (Strictly Rhythm)
Carlos Vargos Ft. Danny – Party People (Look At You)
John Crockett – Minotaur Slang – TwirlSpace)
White Soul Project – Ever Love (Duffnote)
AC Symphony Ft Ricci Benson – Still In Love – Dub/Vocal Mix\'s)
Jose Burgos & The Players – Saturday Groove
Rockers Revenge – Walking On Sunshine – (Accapella)
Kathy Sledge – Get Up Go (06 CDR)
Maxwell – Sumthin Sumthin – Karizma Re-Edit
Mathew Bandy & Duane – Harlem Groove
Wayne Gardiner Pres MoodMen - Why


Your Classic and 21 st century soul station Solar Radio

Download Show 21.05.2010

Playlist….21.5.2010 Part1

DJ Hypnosis & Chris DH Ft Nikson – Something Like This (Consortium Musik Promo)
Marcello Cruz & Nadine Navarre – Deeper Love (DeepnSound Promo)
Andy Ward & Nica Brooke – Find My Way (Sounds Of The Booth Promo)
Dirty Harry – Heavy Vibes (Absract Jazz Vol 2 (Night Grooves)
Deep Josh & Beverly Jane – Stuck In the Middle (08 AppleFunk)
Avi Elman & Dani J Ft Mani Hoffman – Love Is Not For Hire – (SoWhat Recs Promo)
Ian Friday Ft Chris Robb – Find Myself – Ezel Mix ( Tea Party Music Promo)
Danny Clark & Jay Benham Ft Nica Brooke – Giving Only (Solid Ground)
Jellybean Ft. Su Su Bobien – When I Fall In Love (JellyBean Soul)
Perspex People – No Giving Up – Abicah Soul Mix (Kula Records)

Hosanna LittleBird – Can Love Again - Jovonn Next Moov Mix (JellyBean Promo)
Steven Stone & Simon Grey – Live My Life – Gregory Del Piero Mix (Soul Deluxe Promo)
Sandy Spady – Million To One – J. Montana & C. Stewart Mix (Daddy Funk CDR)
Will Bates – All You Gotta Do Is Love Me – Rejacked Vol 2 EP (Klassic Fiasco)
Nick Jones & Colonel Abrahams – As I Take You Back (King St Promo)
LayerBouts Ft Kathy Brown – Choices – Jovonn Mix (MN2S)
Universe Project Ft Miss Broadway – Where You Want To Be (DCS Trax Promo)
Tanja Dixon – Free (Slaag Recs)
K Diggy – Yes I Can – Maurice’s Underground Mix (Nu Soul)
Dennis Ferrer – On My Way (MadHouse Recs)
CLASSIC TRACK…Helen Bruner – Give Me Real Love (91 Cardiac Recs White Label)


Your Classic and 21 st century soul station Solar Radio

Download Show 14.05.2010

Show Playlist…14. 5. 10. Part1 Soulful Jazzy House Mix

Nastee Nev & Dana Byrd Ft Tandra Zawada – Secrets Of Life (Do It Now Promo)
Spiritual Blessings Ft Lisa Meyers – Not Only Human – Dolls Combers Mix (DEI Recs)
Greg Stainer Vs Donald Sheffey – A New Day (Midnight Mix Mash-Up)
Faith Evans – Catching Feelings – Karizma Re-Edit
John Oudo Ft Nicole Mitchell – I Don’t Need You (BigSpin Music Promo)
AstroJazz – The Groove (1999 AstroTrax)
Jonny Montana & Stephanie Cooke – Our Love – Jonny Montana Mix (SoulFul Beats)
Degrees In Motion – Do You Want It Right Now (Accapella)
Simon Grey & David Storm – Signs (Ceremony Promo)
Mathew Bandy & AphroDiziax Ft Adeola Ranson – Little Bird – Spinna Mix (Tribe)
Miguel Graca Ft Darnell Robinson – Speak My Mind – Johnny Fiasco Mix
Neil Pierce Ft Kadija Kamara – Relish Your Soul (Soul Heaven Promo)
Mustafa & SunlightSquare Ft Tasita DMour – Changes – SoulFreakers Mix (Staff)
Andy Holder Ft Carl Stanley – Saxful Soul (Sofitone Promo)

Part2 80s & 90s Mid Tempo Soul Mix

Dexter Wansal – Sweetest Pain (79 Philadelphia Int recs)
Kleeer – Ooh With You (93 Old English)
Andre Lee – Tell Me (98 Simly Soul Flavas Comp)
The Affair – If Only You Could Be Mine (93 4th & Broadway Promo)
C&C Music Factory – Share That Beat Of Love (94 Columbia)
Chapter 7 – Move It Up (93 White)
Rene Aldrich – Just Begun To Love You (87 Jam Packed Recs)
Evan Rogers – Secret Love (84 RCA)
Randy Brown – Slow Starter (87 MCA)
Dean Edwards – Please Come Back (89 Intimate Recs)
Level 42 – Love Games (81 Polydor White Label)


Your Classic and 21 st century soul station Solar Radio

Download Show 07.05.2010

Playlist..6th May 2010 Part1 Soulful, Jazzy House Mix!

Just4Funk Ft Orlando Johnson – State Of Mind (Just4Funk)
Mark De Clive Lowe Ft Jody Watley – Tonights The Night (Strictly Rhythm)
Layerbouts Ft Pete Simpson – Thank You – Reelsoul Mix (MN2S)
Sean Dimitri – Hopscotch – Jonny Fiasco Mix (Klassik Fiasco)
Stephnie Renee – Fever – Marlon D Mix (06)
Roby Arduini & Pagany Ft Vale Ducros – Show Me How Good – Jonny Montana Mix (CDR)
Trina Broussard – Inside My Love – Karizma Mix (CDR)
Andrew Hartley Ft Justine Berry – Brand New Day (ReJoice recs)
The Jinks – Make This Work – Ndinga Gaba Mix (Jinks Inc)
Andy Compton Ft Diviniti – Where I Want To Be (Peng)
SoulDeep Collective – Fore In My Soul – Jonny Fiasco Mix (Klassik Fiasco)
Nikki Richards – Bring The Love (Phaze Deux)

Part2… 80s Soul & Boogie Mid-Tempo Heaven Mix

Broomfield – Is It So Hard (87 Vision Recs)
Juicy – After Loving You (87 Epic)
BB & Q Band – Dreamer (86 Cooltempo)
Khemistry – I Got A Feeling (82 Columbia)
Bobby Mardis – How Do You Feel Tonight (85)
Gladys Knight & The Pips – Save The Overtime For Me (83 CBS)
Body – Middle Of The Night (87 MCA)
Darlene Davis – Loveline (87 Take One recs)
Caprice – 100% ( 85 NIA recs)
Elbow Bones & The Racketeers – A Night In New York (83 EMI)


Your Classic and 21 st century soul station Solar Radio

Download Show 30.04.2010

PLAYLIST – 30.04. 2010 – Soulful Jazzy House Mix

Park St Ft. Natasha Watts – Addicted - Park St Mix (DCS Promo)
Farah – Waiting – Zephrin Saint Remix (Bradsite)
Bah Samba – Don’t Let Them Get You Down – Push Mix (Favouritizm Promo)
Don Carlos – Bora Bora
Michael Olatjuda & Lynden David Hall – Ma Foya (Backdrop Promo)
Mustafa & SunlightSquare Ft Tasita DMour – Changes – Deep Mix (Staff Promo)
CLASSIC TRACK – Bou Khan – Magic (88 Quark Recs)
Terry Lex & Ava June – Deeper (Push On Music Promo)
Papa Sanchez – Guarguanco (Ts Box Promo)
Rotimo Soul – Fire (Imagenes)
NDinga Gaba Ft Saafi – So Beautiful – Original Mix (Backsoul)
Black Coffee – Gardens Of Eden – Ralf Gum Mix (GoGo Music)

Ife – Love Is Where You Are
Alan Hewett – Retroactive
Jeanie – Play With My Emotions
Cashmere – We Need Love
Thai Jasmine – My World (SoulUnsigned 4 Comp)
Cool Notes – Spend The Night
Angela Johnson – Get Myself Together
Georg Pettus – One Track Mind
Princess Freesia – Gonna Be Alright
Sarah Dash – Don’t Make Me Wait (88 EMI)
Carmen Lundy – Fire In The Rhyme
Michah Montgomery – Dream With Me


Your Classic and 21 st century soul station Solar Radio

Download Show 23.04.2010


Ron Trent & Erik Rico – Sensation – Main Mix (CDR)
Kenny Bobien - Share – Jellybean & Mena Keys Mix (JellyBean Soul Promo)
Demarkus Lewis – Faith To Move (Grin Music Promo)
CLASSIC TRACK – Carolyn Harding – Movin On (1987 Emergency Recs)
D-Malice Ft Rebecca Knight – Poison
Don Carlos – Temptations (Irma Recs)
Marlon D Ft. Stephanie Renee – Digital Love – Marlon D Deep Mix (2008 JellyBean Soul)
Anthony Nicholson – Black Galaxy (cd Destination)
JSoul – Love Frequency - Said-So Remix (MP3 Promo)
Tuccillo & Kiko Navarro – Quartetto Obastalistico (Night Grooves)
BSTC – Love It - Acapella (Reel People Music)
CLASSIC TRACK Blaze Ft Alexander Hope – What Can You Do For Me (90s White)


Dj MFR – Just Because – Haldo Mix (Transport Promo)
Dawn Nicole – The Rhythm Of My Soul – Big Logan Stripped Mix (Aqua Sol)
Groove Junkies Vs Donald Sheffey – Feel My Love (Alan P Mash-Up)
CLASSIC TRACK Funky Green Dogs – Reach For Me (1993 Murk Recs)
Ron Trent Pres Indigo Tracks – When The Drum Calls (CDR)
DJoon Exp Ft. Kenny Bobien – Old Landmark (Cheers Promo)
DJ Leandro & Art Jones Ft. JLuv – I Need You In My Life (Waking Monster Sampler)
Distant People Ft Patrick Chappell – No I Aint Done (Soul Shift)
Groove Junkies – Far Away – Micky More Saxtrumental (


Your Classic and 21 st century soul station Solar Radio

Download Show 16.04.2010

Playlist…16.4.10. Soulful Jazzy House Mix

Yasuko Agawa – Some Morning – Calm Remix (Remode Remix cd 07)
Stephanie Cooke – Old Friend – Will Miltons LickQuid Lyfe Vocal Mix (Gotta Keep Faith)
BSTC – Love It – Phil Asher Mix (Reel People Music)
Jose Burgos & The Players – Im Attracted To You (Deepa Grooves)
Louis Benedetti & Kenny Bobien – Happy – LB Club Mix (Soulshine)
Fudge & Kaiya – Wont Be No Change (Onyx Music)
Colin Sales & Diane Waite – Show Me (Universal Media)
Gianna & Kloud 9 – Hooked On You – Pablo Martinez Mix (CDR)
CLASSIC TRACK…Mental Cube – So This Is Love (91 Debut)
CLASSIC TRACK…95 North – My Life (95 Jellybean)
NDinga Gaba Ft Sahffi - So Beautiful – Filin Brake Remix (BlackSoul)
Anthony Nicholson – Love Is Everything (cd Destination)
Matthew Bandy – Far Away – Bandys Rework (CDR)

Part2 - Mid-Tempo Heaven!!

Trizonna McClendon - New Familiar
SoulPersona - Candy Wrapper
Antonio Neal - Always
Willie Clayton - Dance This Night Away
Oezlem - Someone Like You
Shayna Steele - Different This Time
Papik - Rhythm Of Life
Marc Staggers - Cant Get Enough Of This Groove
Zo - Something Special
Shelby Brown - Sayl Away
Phillip Martin - Alright


Your Classic and 21 st century soul station Solar Radio

Download Show 09.04.2010

Playlist Thursday.9.4.10 Part1 – Soulful Jazzy House Mix!

Physics – When It Breaks….(Seamless)
Beaten Soul Ft Dawn Tallman – It Starts With Us (MN2S Miami Promo)
Danny Clark, Jay Benham Ft Andrea Love – Call It Done (Dorek Ozlen Mix)Solid Ground Promo
Chinah Maryoung – Shelter Me…(D Sharp Promo)
Lovin It - Appetizing (SoulChoonz Promo)
Bar Samba – Reach Inside (Sean McCabe Mix) (Restless Soul Promo)
Ron Trent – Power Of Sound (CDR)
CLASSIC TRACK – Black Rascals Ft. Cassio Ware – So In Love (93 Polar recs)
Fama – Ring My Bell (John Morales MnM Mix) (Soul-Fi Promo)
Jose Burgos & The Players – We Got Our Own Vibe
TJ Cases Ft. Yvonne – Maybe We Can
SoulDynamic Ft LT Brown – Body Music (Alfreds Body Dub)
Angel A & Doc Link – Lifts Me Higher (Jo Cutler Remix)

Part2 – Mid-Tempo Heaven….

Cool Million – Back For More (John Morales MnM Mix)
Cool Million – Love The Beat (cd Back For More)
Projection – Turn Your Love (86 Elite Recs)
Nicola Conte – Like Leaves In The Wind
Fabio Nobile – Always Love ( cd Always Love)
Luisito Quintero Ft Alane – Our Love (cd Percussion Madness)
Christophe De Villa – Tender Love (cd Jazz & Soulful)
Osunlade – Butterfly (Kiko Navarro Mix)
Re-Jazz – Love Connection (Mop Mop Mix)
Nigel Martinez – Are You Ready (cd So Good)
Carl Anderson – All I Wanna Do cd Fantasy Hotel)


Your Classic and 21 st century soul station Solar Radio

Download Show 02.04.2010

Playlist….2.4.10.Part1 Soulful Jazzy House Mix

Demor Ft Letsego – Fall In Love (I Underground)
Oscar P & Marcus Pearson – Violet –Abicah Soul Mix (Miami Deep Open Bar)
Mr Nugget Ft Natasia Watts – A Little Fire – Craig Stewart & Jonny Montana Mix.(Barcode Promo)
DJ Lisa Li – Ven – Deep High Sax Mix (Blockheadz Promo)
Jose Burgos & The Players Ft. Farah – I Need A Beat (Deepa Grooves Promo)
Christophe De Villa – I’ll Make You Jazz (DigiStudio Promo)
EXCLUSIVE.Donald Sheffey – Coming On Strong (Weezie Productions 1 Off)
Wil Milton – Propaganda (Black Ink Promo)
Stephanie Cooke – Old Friend (Gotta Keep Faith Promo)
Ewonda Records Ft Lynn Lockamy – Torture (Ewonder Recs Intl Promo)
CLASSIC TRACK House Foundation Ft Butch Quick – Feel It In My Soul (96 - King St Sounds)
Alton Miller – Clouds Are Gone (Inner Muse)
Bucie – Respect Me – Black Coffee Original Mix (I Music Underground)

Part2….Mid-Tempo Heaven

Angela Johnson – Hurts Like Hell (cd Its Personal)
Cool Million – Just Dance (cd Back For More)
Magnum Force – Girl Your Too Cool (82 - KelliArts Recs)
Jonny Kemp – Just Another Lover (86 CBS)
Michael Baker – Don’t You Want My Lovin (84 Passion Recs)
Dira Ft Omar – Lets Go Back (cd Something About The Girl)
Rurals – So Sexy (cd Rurals Soul)
Bass X – All Inside (cd Blak Lairs Family)
Kokoh – For The Tender (cd Meltdown)
Toni Ann Semple – For Me


Your Classic and 21 st century soul station Solar Radio

Download Show 26.03.2010

Show Playlist...26.3.10.Part1

Layabouts Ft. Pete Simpson - Thank You.(MN2S Miami Promo)
ReelSoul Ft Kyla - For The Love Of You. (MN2S Miami Promo)
The Beleivers - Who Dares To Beleive In Me. (Strictly Rhythm Miami Promo)
CLASSIC TRACK:A Man Called Adam - Techno Powers.(89 Acid Jazz)
Deep Grounder Ft Virag - Stand Up - (Panevino Promo)
SoulStar Syndicate Ft. Dawn Tallman - Take Me.(King St. Promo)
Vick Lavender - Pyrat Nights. (Sophisticado Miami Promo)
NightRhymes Ft Tasita DMour - Keep On Pushing.Purple Music Promo)
Osunlade - Butterfly.(Yoruba Promo)
Hippie Torrales Ft Rosie Gaines - Never Quite The Same. (MN2S Miami Sampler)

DrizaBone Soul Family - Real Love-Remix. (Demo)
Cool Million Ft Eugene & Dee Dee Wilde - Loose. (SedSoul)
John Gordon - All The Good Love (cd Soul.Funk.Drunk.Love)
Sun Singleton - Moment (Atjazz Remix)promo
Rhythm & Jazz - Just In Case (cd.Groove Experience)
Hulon - Dr Goodfoot (cd First Impression)
Jonathan Butler - So Strong. (CDR)
Full Blast - Stars In Your Eyes (cd. Blak Lairs Family)
Adriana Evans - Waiting (cd Walking With The Night)
Melvin Pierce - Body Talk
leigh Jones - Like A Diamond (cd VA-United We Cure)
Darnell Kendricks - Joy (cdSmooth Soul Cafe)
Princess Freesia - Stella Sight. (CDR)
Gabrielle Hurtt - Under The Influence.
Dyane Marian - If You,ve Ever Been In Love



Your Classic and 21 st century soul station Solar Radio

Download Show 19.03.2010

Show Playlist…19.3.10 Part 1

Haldo – Night City Journey (Juan Fierro Mix)…Adaptation Music Promo
Carolyn Victorian – You Don’t Know…. Consortium Music Promo
Hideo Kobyashi – You Changed The Way... Apt International Promo
Let There Be House… (Accapella)
Tikyo – Saxophonic (Park St Remix)… 99 Carat Promo
Kiko Navarro & Omega – More (Mustafa Soul Do Brazil Mix)…CDR
Redsoul & Rhasaan Houston – Love Is A Miracle…. PlayMore Promo
Shaun Tee & Leo LeVox – Rescue Me…. Sounds Of The Booth
Black Coffee Ft Bucie – Superman…. Jellybean Promo
CLASSIC TRACK - UBP Project & Michael Proctor – Love Don’t Live.. (96 Soulfuric)
Tone Control Ft. Adeola Ranson – Take Me Away (Jose Carretas Mix)….Tone Control Promo

Part 2

Elements Of Life Ft Lisa Fischer – Love Will Know (Demo Roots Mix)…Vega CDR
EXCLUSIVE!! Donald Sheffey – It’s a New Day….CDR
Yass Ft. Fancine E Murphy – Secrets…. Code Red Miami Sampler Promo
Dolls Combers Ft. D,Flower – Grand Piano….Miami Deep Promo
Roberto De Carlo & Steven Stone Ft. Seela – Believe... (Roed Svensk Classic)SoulDelux Promo
CLASSIC TRACK – Liberty City – Some Lovin’ …(92 Murk Records)
Groove Junkies Ft. Soloman Henderson – Inside My Soul…. MoreHouse Promo
Nathan G & Blackfrog Ft Byron Stingly – No Limits (Mr V & Reelsoul Mix)…Large Promo
Deep N Soul Project Ft. Danny – This Light House Device Classic)..Gotta Keep Faith Promo
Ananda Project – Kiss Kiss Kiss…. NightGrooves Promo
DJN Project – Take You Away (Latin Mix).…CDR


Your Classic and 21 st century soul station Solar Radio

Download Show 12.03.2010

Show Playlist.. 12th MARCH 2010

PART1:: Soulful, Jazzy House mix!!

Distant People –Just Do It (Reelsoul Mix) CDR
Steal Vybe Ft Alexis Simonds – Afrodity. (Steal Vybe Promo)
United Soul Ft MJ Cole – Insatiable (House Device Mix)SMOW Promo
Franco De Mulero & Adam Moss Ft Latanza Waters – Im Lost (Purple Music Miami Sampler Promo)
Fuminori Kagajo Ft. Adeola Ranson – Place In Heaven (King St. Promo)
EXCLUSIVE!! DJ Le Roi & Donald Sheffey – Im Hooked On You. CDR
EXCLUSIVE!! Donald Sheffey – Come A Lil Closer (accapella)CDR
Andy Compton – Samba (Peng Promo)
Cobblestone Jazz – Chance (!K7 Promo)
Lips Ft. Bongi Mvuyana – Time Is Now (King St. Promo)
SoulDeep Collective Ft. Rainy Payne – Complicated (Integrity Promo)


Garys Gang – Showtime
GQ – Make My Dreams A Reality
Kleeer – Take Your Heart Away
Richard John Smith – Don’t Go Walking Out That Door
Skyy – Show Me The Way To Go
Four X 4 – Don’t Put The Blame On Me
Stephanie Mills – You Cant Run From My Love
Jacki – Don’t Break My Heart
David Joseph – Discover
DeJa – Life
David Sea
George Benson – Shiver
Kleeer – Intimate Connection
Eugene Wilde – How About Tonight

Your Classic and 21 st century soul station Solar Radio

Download Show 05.03.2010




Nicc Johnson & LT Brown – Love Me Now.(Main Mix) DCS Tracks Promo
Tony Vass – Fly Me Higher (Richard Earnshaw Classic Dub)Duffnote Promo
Tony Vass – Fly Me Higher (Richard Earnshaw Classic Club)
SoulDynamic Ft. Emory – On The Other Side (SoulDynamic Original)SOW Promo
Haldo – Credo. (CDR)
3 Amigos Ft SuSu Bobien – You Bring Me Joy (3 Amigos Club)
3 Amigos Ft SuSu Bobien – Guy Robin Mix)
CLASSIC TRACK..Liberty City – If You Really Love Someone (Murk recs ’94)
Blaze – We Are One (Kiko Nivarro Mix) (King St Promo)
Aphreme & Donald Sheffey – Come A Lil Closer (Said-So Main Mix) Weezie Prods CDR)
Groove Junkies Ft. TC Moses – Far Away (In The Zone Album Sampler)MoreHouse Promo
Lee Pearson Jr Ft. Aki Kwame – Don’t Get No Better Love (Vick L All Soul Vocal)Sophisticado Promo


CLASSIC TRACK Nikita Warren – Touch Me(‘92 Irma recs)
Danny Clark & Jay Benham Ft. Carla Prather – Into You. (Solid Groove Promo)
Clemens Rumpf Ft. David A Tobin – Fire ( Abicah Soul Mix) Reelgroove Promo)
DJN Project – Take You Away ( Glenn underground Rewerk)
Jae Vynel – Sax Over Miami (Sax 2010 Mix) Open Bar recs
Blaze – Most Precious Love ( Accapella)
Groove Junkies Ft. Alexander Sky – The White Light (MoreHouse Promo
Beaten Soul Ft. Maiya – Superstar …Reelgroove Promo
Trinidadian Deep – Voyage Trinidadian (Original)
D.U.S.K – Patience….Delecto Promo
Kim English – Supernatural (Jonny Montana Remix)Nervous
GROUND BREAKER…..Glenn Underground – Prelude…Unified


Your Classic and 21 st century soul station Solar Radio

Download Show 26.02.2010

Sandman Ft. Jay Ellis – Free Your Mind. (Fast Forward Promo)
Byron Moore – Life Starts Today. Tea Party Promo
VMC – To The Rock. (Hustle Music Promo)
Vick Lavender – Come Fly Away. (Sophisticado Promo)
Justin Michael Ft. Maiya – Destination (accapella) (Seamless Promo)
Beauville Ft. Jenny Halberg – Living Easy. (Ospina Digital Promo)
Daryl D Bonneau – Patience. (Omi Tutu Promo)
CLASSIC TRACK 95 North – Bring Back The Love. Strictly Rhythm 1997
Bai-Ee – The Groove – Legos Sax Dub. (Poontin Muzik)
Loleata Holloway -Love Sensation (Accapella)
DJ Hypnosis – Make Me Love You. (Consortium Music Promo)
Harley & Muscle Ft. India – Then Came You. Khanzadas Main Mix.(Soulstar Promo)


Michael Houston – Turn It Up (Turn It Up cd)
Marvin Gaye & Soulpersona – Aint That Peculiar (Summer Madness Mix)(Promo)
Daniel Moore – Halfway Love (MP3)
Charlie Brown – Hell On My Hands (MP3)
Maysa – Spend Some Time (A Woman In Love cd)
Ashanti Munir – So Smooth (CDR)
Ivana Santilli – It May Take A While (Blak Lairs Family cd)
Michael Ross – Don’t Make Your Move So Fast (A Special Thing cd)
Eddie Sea – Enjoy The Times (Starz cd)
Michael J Thomas – Pretty Skin. (City Beat cd)
Thomas Hunter – Strong Love (Contemporary Soul Songbook Vol 2 cd)
The Neo Jazz Project – We Got To Hold On (TNJP cd)


Your Classic and 21 st century soul station Solar Radio

Download Show 19.02.2010
Playlist:: THE MIDNIGHT MIX..18.2.10 PART 1

Maritri - Angel In Disguise - Tea Party Promo)
Pepita Project Ft. Paris Brightledge - The Way We Were (Wayne Gardiner Remix)CDR
BSTC - I Love It (Vick Lavender Mix)Sophisticado
Roland Clarke - I Know You (DeJaVu Mix)Delete Recs Promo
Joseph - Boggie Break Slightly (VA Deepy Grooves Comp)(Gotta Keep Faith recs)
Temple Movement Ft Dawn Nicole - Will I Ever Learn To Love - Temple Movement Promo
Butch Quick - Under Pressure (Strictly Rhythm recs \\\'93)
Todd Terry Allstars - Joy (DJ Mix)InHouse Promo
Ian Friday & Chris Rob - Ghetto People (Guy Robin Mix)Tea Party Music Promo
Glenn Underground - I\\\'m So Glad ( GU Musiquire Mix)Circular Motion Promo


Cat Miller - Be For Real. Solar recs 86
Al Johnson - Tonights The Night For Love. Columbia recs 80
Maysa - All My Life. Incoded Music 99
Rodney Mansfield - Nothing Better Then Loving You. A&M recs 93
Hiroshima - With This Heart. Winners Circle Comp 93
Eugene Wilde - Show Me The Way To Yor Heart. MCA recs 89
Adriana Evans - Say You Wont. RCA/PMP music 97
Jean Carne - Closer Than Close. Omni recs 86
Howard Hewett - Crystal Clear. Expansion recs 94
Teddy Pendergrass & Stephanie Mills - Feel The Fire.Philly Int. recs 80
Lisa Fischer - How Can I Ease The Pain.Electra 91
Phylis Hyman Ft Damon - Funny How Love Goes. Philly Int. Recs 98

Your Classic and 21 st century soul station Solar Radio

Download Show 12.02.2010

THE MIDNIGHT MIX..12.2.10.Soulful Jazzy House Mix!!

Mr Agent Ft Stephania Dipi - Your Time
Sky Blue - Happily Ever After (Jersey Soul Club Mix)
Jnr Robinson - Tell You Who (Filin Brake Classic Mix)
Daryl D Bonneau - Patience (Mute Horn Mix)
C&C Music Factory - Pride A Deeper Love (Accapella)
Alton Miller Ft Angelique - Dont Close Your Eyes
Benji Candelario - Chanto
Kanunu - Underground Shabeen
UPZ aka Avi Elman - Hangin On A Dream
Jasper St Co. - Another Day
Jersey Maestros Ft Renee Smith - Shine On ( Maestros original Mix)
Ricky Inch - Jazz Maniac (Clazz EP)

Valentines Slow Jams & Classic Ballads. Part.1
Teddy Pendergrass - Your My Choice Tonight. 1979
Regina Bell - Baby Come To Me. 1989
Rosie Gaines - Crazy. 1987
OBrian - You Have Got To Come To Me. 1985
Billy Griffin - Romantic Number. 1985
Rachelle Ferrell - Till You Come Back To Me. 1992
Chapter 8 - I Wanna Be Your Girl. 1980
Benita Arteberry - Its You. 1991
Jon Lucien - Sweet Control. 1990
Phyllis Hyman - When I Give My Love This Time. 1991

Your Classic and 21 st century soul station Solar Radio

Download Show 05.02.2010


Craig David - One More Lie ( Bobby & Steve Groove Odyssey Mix)
Ralph Gum - Complicated (RG Mix)
Dasoul Ft. William Scott - Moon In Taurus ( Reelsoul Mix)
Fuminori Kagajo - Klondike
Jay Sealee & Louie Vega - Diamond Life (Accapella)
TJ Cases Ft. Yvonne - Fragile (2010 Re-fit)
Rasmir Mantree - Blak & Mild
Enkyu Ft. DDB - Gabrielle
Vick Lavender - Best Of Friends
DJN Project & Fuzion - Feelings
Paris Cesvette & Davye Stewart - Go The Distance (Late Night Mix)
Rachel Claudio & Babas D - Butterflies


Marshall Badger - Heaven
Dee Heron - Total Satisfaction
Cherelle - When You Look In My Eyes
Phil Perry & Melba Moore - Optomistic
Gemma Genezzano - Take Me Away
Darien - All Kinds Of Things
The Whispers Orchestra - Jafunk
Cool Million & Eugene Wilde - Back For More
Neo Jazz Project - We Got To Hold On


Your Classic and 21 st century soul station Solar Radio

Download Show 29.01.2010

Midnight Mix - 28.1.10 - SOULFUL JAZZY HOUSE MIX!


Amaro - Liva Theme(Vitale Mix)
Jonny Montana Ft. Stephanie Cooke - I Owe U
Distant People - Always For You
Vick Lavender - Celebration
Mathew bandy - Collecting My Groove(Heavy Vibes Mix)
Ruben Mancias Ft. Michelle Weeks - My Change
BNS Project - Rise
JellyBean - Secrets & Lies
D-Flower - Rain Before
Restless Soul Ft. Zanzika - And I Know It (Jose Carrettas Mix)
Justin Michael - Destination


Pamela Williams - Pillow Talk
Change - Warm
Javier Pitera - Wild Love
Cool Million Ft. Melissa Morgan - Sweet Baby
Down To The Bone - Get On It
Karin Jones - So Right
RockMellons - Loves Gonna Bring Us Home
6th Burough Project - Hang On
Phyllis Hyman - Hurry Up This Way Again
Rene & Angela - You Dont Have To Cry
Athene Wilson - We Were Ment To Be

Your Classic and 21 st century soul station Solar Radio

Download Show 22.01.2010
Midnight Mix - 21.1.10.Part 1 - Soulful Jazzy House.


Real Deep Ft Stephanie Cooke - More
Alex Finkin & Rev P Ft. Joselyn Matheiu - Cant Get Enough
Fuminori Jagajo - Jazzabo
Aphreme & Donald Sheffey - Come A Lil Closer
Andy Compton Ft Kafele & Sophia Loren Coffee - I Dont Want To See The Sun
DJ Rico - Philadelphia (Trumpet Mix)
Charvoni - Always There (acapella)
Melychor A - I Know Something About You
MHB Crew - Long Way
Dihann Moore - Agape Love
Jihad Muhammad - Goodbye Love
Paris Cesvette Ft. Dayve Stewart - Go The Distance

Part 2 - Soulful Mid-Tempo Beats

Teodoss Avery - A New Begining
Jeff Ramsey - Be Careful
Khemistry - Can You Feel My Love
JTQ - Jazz Cafe Theme
Teodoss Avery - Love & Respect
The Manhattans - Crazy
TC Curtis - Shoulda Known Better
Odyssey - Inside Out
Teddy Pendergrass - Can We Try
Guinn - Dreaming
Rachelle Ferrell - Waiting


Your Classic and 21 st century soul station Solar Radio
Download Show 14.01.2010
Midnight Mix - 14.1.09.Part 1 - Soulful Jazzy House

Micky More - Touch Of Jazz(MM Classic Mix)
Mustafa Ft. Tasita Dmour - Cant Give Up
Sophia Robina - Make Me Beautiful(Reelsoul mix)
Vick Lavender - Sophisticado Unreleased Vaults
Black Jazz - Sunday Night
Roed Svensk Ft. Simon Green - Never Be The Same
Micky More - Touch Of Jazz - (Scott Wazniac mix)
Toni Granello Ft. Brian Lucas - What She Did(Victor Simonelli Mix)
Soul purpose - The Nervous Track
Deep Zone Ft. Cybil Jeffreys - Its Gonna Be Alright(Acapella)
DJ Man-X & Vick Lavender ft Carla Prather - City High(man-x sunset nights mix)
Melychor A - Touch Of D-Jazz
Rochelle Fleming - Suffer(acapella)
Next Evidence Ft. Karl The Voice - Life Is Better

Part2 - Mid-Tempo Soul!!

Trizonna McClendon - New Familiar
SoulPersona - Candy Wrapper
Antonio Neal - Always
Willie Clayton - Dance This Night Away
Oezlem - Someone Like You
Shayna Steele - Different This Time
Papik - Rhythm Of Life
Marc Staggers - Cant Get Enough Of This Groove
Zo - Something Special
Shelby Brown - Sayl Away
Phillip Martin - Alright

Your Classic and 21 st century soul station Solar Radio

Download Show 08.01.2010
Midnight Mix. 7th Jan.10

Erikah Badu - Telephone(louie vega mix)CDR
Dasoul - Moon In Taurus
Andre Harris - Beautiful Day
Dawn Nicole - Rhythm Of My Soul
Jask - Thaisoul Unrel Vaults
Fuzion Ft. Nicole Wright - Beautiful(Steven Stone Revivale Mix)
Mina Jackson & Born To Funk - USAY(Jonny Montana & Craig Stewart Soul Mix)
Jihad Muhammad - Latin Vibes
Anderson Soares Project - Brazilian Breeze
Dance Culture Ft Kenny Bobien - Better(Hedi Benromdan Mix)
Glenn Underground - Foot Notes
Hardrive - Deep Inside (acapella)
Domonic Jacobson - Do It The Same(Jose Carettas Mix)
Reel People Ft. Randy Crawford - Respect Yourself
Miquifaye Studio Allstars - Liberation Jazz
Know - Graffiti


The whispers - walk with cd thankful
Marc evans - if i told you...from cd intervention
Victor haynes - fallin. off ep fallin
Marcell & the truth - cant wait....from cd symbols
Jody watley - candlelight
Katie cole - think about astrall 22 cd
Marc staggers - cant get enough of this groove......from cd then& now
Guiltypleasures ft. mycha chevalier - the urge...from guiltypleasures cd
Tracy hamlin - free...from better days cd...
Jsoul - frequency....mp3
Soulpersona ft. darien - cant hide..from soulacoaster cd

New Yrs Eve Party SoulMix

Boss Pee - Im Gonna Get There
Stephanie Dotson - Cant Nobody
Shaya Steele Different This Time
Stanley Clarke & Howard Hewett - Heaven Sent You
Change - Glow Of Love
Toni Smith - Ooh I Like The Way It Feels

Temper - No Favours
Katie Kassoon - Your The One
September - Are You Free Tonight
Strike - You Can Touch Me
Los Charlys Orch - Some Of Those Things(Joey Negro Edit)D Influence - Magic
Change - You Are My Melody

Bobby Womack - Tell Me Why
Attitude - Get To Know You Better


Your Classic and 21 st century soul station Solar Radio

Download Show 01.01.2010

2New Years Eve Midnight Mix Party

Part 1 Soulful Jazzy House

Groove Junkies - Midnight 2010
Mathew Bandy & Johnathan Houston - Going Nowhere(Guy Robin Mix)
Amaro - Livas Theme(Carrettas Mix)
Thelma Houston - I Need Someone Tonight(Accapella)
Eithen White Ft. Marie Tweek - Dont Tell Me
Champion - Pray For Me(Joe Flame Remix)
NDambi - Lie(Estranjeros
Ghetto Touch)
Vick Lavender - St Tropez
Reel People - Star(Accapella)
John Oudo - Work Me Over(Afro Jam Mix)

Part 2. New Yrs Eve Party SoulMix

Boss Pee - I'm Gonna Get There
Stephanie Dotson - Cant Nobody
Shaya Steele Different This Time
Stanley Clarke & Howard Hewett - Heaven Sent You
Change - Glow Of Love
Toni Smith - Ooh I Like The Way It Feels
Temper - No Favours
Katie Kassoon - Your The One
September - Are You Free Tonight
Strike - You Can Touch Me
Los Charlys Orch - Some Of Those Things(Joey Negro Edit)
D Influence - Magic
Change - You Are My Melody
Bobby Womack - Tell Me Why
Attitude - Get To Know You Better



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